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Huanarpo macho

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Huanarpo macho is a traditional Amazon rainforest sex herb. Huanarpo macho has been used by the Chachapoyas warriors from the Upper Amazon Rainforest to increase libido and physical endurance.

Huanarpo was outlawed by the early Spanish conquistadores as they felt that it was contributing to indengious population growth however the use of Huanarpo macho went underground and has continued until the present day. The extract of Huanarpo macho is made from young branch stems of the plant. When dried the branch stems of Huanarpo macho looks like the male sex organ. Huanarpo macho has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of Peru as a powerful sex herb.

Since only ethically harvested wildcrafted Huarnapo macho is used in our products, we can ensure you the freshest Huarnapo macho without fillers. Other companies may buy from a middle man that is selling stale or adulterated Huarnapo macho without the vital energy found in fresh naturally grown Amazon herbs.