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Natural weight loss herbs

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The Brazilian Miracle! Sold all along Rio’s bikini clad beaches, the residents of this body obsessed city swear by the natural weight loss herbs used in “Slim”. It is a great appetite suppressant; it gives you a full sensation after eating only a few bites of food, which accounts for its long term ability to keep the weight off.

Contains pure Caigua, Cha de bugre, Bladderwrack and Hercampuri extract. A pre-clinical study at the University Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Rojas, L., 1999); concluded that the extract of Gentianella alborosea "Hercampuri" produces a reduction of body weight. Hercampuri is traditionally taken together with caigua, another Peruvian botanical with a synergistic effect. Dr. G.L. Cruz in his book, Dictionary of the Plants Used in Brazil, recommends cha de bugre as an excellent weight-loss aid.