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Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc.

R-Cast Acrylic Shapes

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“Sheet, Rod, & Tube”
Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. (RPT) offers the widest variety of cast acrylic sheet, rod, and tube available in the industry. We can supply R-Cast™ acrylic in our standard sheet, rod, and tube sizes and colors, or we can provide custom sizes, shapes, colors, and surface treatments to meet your needs.

R-Cast™ acrylic sheet, rod and tube provide outstanding optical clarity, excellent UV properties, high impact resistance and weatherability. R-Cast™ acrylic shapes are available in a variety of custom and standard thicknesses and sizes.

Our bonding technology is unsurpassed and can be done in the factory or on-site to provide almost any configuration imaginable.

“Custom Cast Acrylic”
Through an advanced acrylic casting process, RPT consistently pushes the envelope as to what can be accomplished with acrylic. While the industry standard for obtaining thick acrylic is to laminate a series of thinner panels together, our superior technology allows for a massive casting, providing better optical and thermoforming properties.

“Special Projects”
RPT is constantly asked to push the limits in acrylic design. These projects become known as “Special Projects” that encompass unusual concepts brought to us as an idea. Our challenge is to make it happen.

From colossal acrylic hot tubs on the penthouse floors of the Palms Residences in Las Vegas to an eight foot diameter (2.44 m) sphere for David Blaine’s record-setting underwater stunt in New York, we are a leader in bringing unusual acrylic ideas to life.

“Acrylic Bonding”
Through years of R&D, RPT developed an ability to chemically bond acrylic and create a nearly seamless bond while maintaining close to the original strength of the parent material.

For larger projects that would be impossible to ship fully assembled, on-site bonding is a way of creating these massive acrylic structures. We make sure that this bonding is the same quality as if it were done at the factory. In some cases, months are spent in clean-room environments to create the exact bonding atmosphere as would be present in the factory.