Cielo-modern sectional sofa

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Cielo-modern sectional sofa - In nearly everything imaginable, there seems to be two sides to choose from. Vanilla or chocolate. White or black. Liberal or… well, you get the idea. The same is certainly true with fine furnishings. Some enjoy pillow backs and don't mind fluffing and repositioning them with alarming regularity. Others eschew the inconvenience, seeking instead the comfort of fixed backs that offer perfect support and no maintenance. This modern sectional sofa was designed with those of you in mind who have better things that to do than wrestle with pillows. The expansive "L' shape offers plenty of room to stretch out with total comfort and support, thanks to the perfectly shaped and crafted wedge sofa backs.

Item Details

Item # : 06-6862-201
Construction :
•Hard wood frame that is reinforced for durability and extra stability.
•High density –high resiliency polyurethane foam is used for the seat and back that is cut and upholstered in precision.
•Brushed chrome steel legs and frame.
•Upholsered and precisely stitched in 47.6% viscose, 30% polyester, 22.4% cotton
Size : L127 x W74.6 x H30.6