KWizCom Corporation

SharePoint Wiki Plus 1.2.00

Price: $2,380.00
KWizCom SharePoint 2007 Wiki Plus is an advanced, comprehensive and complete Wiki solution for SharePoint. Its unique additional features make it the ideal tool for true cross-organization knowledge sharing.
Wiki Plus was built on-top of MOSS 2007 infrastructure, enabling you to utilize the standard SharePoint features, enhanced by comprehensive Wiki capabilities.
The advanced Wiki features and the natural integration with SharePoint platform provide an efficient, cost effective tool for real collaboration and knowledge sharing across your enterprise.
KWizCom SharePoint 2007 Wiki Plus supports MOSS 2007 standard and enterprise editions.

KwizCom SharePoint WIKI Plus - Key Features
· SharePoint edition
· Supports standard Wiki markup language
· Improved WYSWYG editor
· NEW: Table of contents (automatically generated)
· "Save and keep editing" option
· Easy management of file attachments and images
· Wiki content templates
· NEW: Taxonomy management - Hierarchical categories and Web 2.0-style tagging and tag cloud/index
· Advanced reporting
· Content lifecycle management (page expiration alerts)
· Wiki page-level discussions
· NEW: Wiki page rating (5 stars)
· Supports cross-site deployment of several connected wiki sites
· Implemented as a standard SharePoint add-on and therefore supports ALL standard SharePoint features
· Cross-browser support: IE and Mozilla Firefox
· Can be fully customized as a standard SharePoint add-on
· Multilingual (standard for all KWizCom components)