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SharePoint Rating Solution 1.4.00

Price: $749.00
KWizCom's SharePoint Rating Solution enables web-style rating - users can rate, and provide comments on documents and list items.
After you install the SharePoint Rating Solution on your SharePoint server, you can add a new Rating field type to any document library or list. You can enable or disable the option to give comments along with rating items
The Rating field type is also available for the creation of a Rating site column, enabling you to deploy it as a content type, to be used as an enterprise-wide solution.
After you add the Rating column, it shows up in any list view of your choice (like any other column).

Now users (including those who have only Reader rights on this list/library) can rate any document by simply clicking the rating field

The user can choose whether to see only the comments or all rating by clicking on the radio buttons.
The SharePoint Rating Solution also supports ratings by anonymous users - ideal for Internet web sites.
Key Features & Benefits
ü Supports MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0
ü Rating is available to any user with reader permission (no need to have contributor rights on the list/library!)
ü Supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
ü Automatically displays the average rating (after the first rating operation)
ü The standard Rating column that enables the filtering of items by the average rating
ü Restrict users to one rating per item
ü Enables users to provide comments along with the rating
ü The "View Comments" dialog box displays all comments for an item
ü Enable anonymous user rating - ideal for Internet web sites.

And - Multilingual (standard for all KWizCom components)