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SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type 2.2.00

Price: $749.00
The new SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field type (previously called 'Dual Lookup') is a new lookup field type that includes ALL missing features SharePoint implementers were looking for in SharePoint Lookup fields.

With SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus Field you can:
Create cascading fields
For example: Choosing "region" filters the next field "country" giving you only relevant entries. Choosing "country" filters the next field "city" giving you the relevant entries and making your form easier and faster to fill out
Create a two-way connection between lists
By using this feature you finally can implement a true relational model (yes – just like in "normal" database applications!). The SharePoint Cascading Lookup Plus field enables you to create "dual lookup" field, meaning: when you create a lookup from one list to another, a reverse lookup is automatically created.

Key features and benefits:
ü Compatible with MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0
ü Support Cascading fields ("City" filtered by "Country")
ü Automatically creates a bi-directional connection between items
ü Enables the filtering of the displayed items in the lookup field according to a view defined in the target list
ü Cross site lookup - enables the creation of lookup field for lists that are located on different sites.
ü Creates a "CRM-like" interface - on every item's "View Properites" page, you can display all the connected items in a grid display.
ü Allow the conversion of lookup fields to KWizCom Lookup Plus fields
ü Enable paging, filtering and sorting
ü Enable changing a field from single to multiple value
ü Creating new item using Create new item link
ü Cross-Browser support
And - Multi-lingual (like all KWizCom components