KWizCom Corporation

SharePoint list filter plus 3.1.00

Price: $449.00
KWizCom's SharePoint List Filter Plus web part lets you filter and find information in your SharePoint lists.
You can define your custom Filtering form, composed from multi-select drop-down lists and search text boxes, and connect it to any standard SharePoint list or library. You can select multiple values in several filtering controls without going through tedious page post-backs.

Support cascading behavior
When you choose a value in one of the filtering drop-down controls it automatically filters all the other drop-down controls according to the actual filtered records in the filtered list.
Support for WSS
Unlike the SharePoint out-of-the-box filter web parts that are available only in MOSS 2007, the SharePoint List Filter Plus web part is also available for WSS users!
Cross-browser support
KWizCom SharePoint List Filter Plus web part supports both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
Key Features:
ü Supports MOSS 2007 / WSS 3.0
ü Apply multiple filters
ü Fully customizable interface via CSS
ü Customizable captions
ü Multi-lingual
ü Support Firefox
ü Enable entering search string including "*" to filter text
ü Support calculated fields
ü Enable multiple selections in drop downs
ü Provide various skins
ü Support cascading
ü New: Remember the user's last filter settings
New: Get filter parameters from query string (URL)