Power On Cable

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The Power on Cable (PoC) from Minicom is a single port power control (SPPC) device that enables remote power control (power on/off/reboot) of any connected device.

The PoC is complementary to Minicom's line of OOB remote KVM access solutions, which together provide the complete remote support package.

The PoC is serially controlled via a Minicom KVM IP gateway - PX, IP Control - thus preventing costly mistakes and ensuring the power commands are sent only to the required device.

The PoC is targeted at any IT environment that includes mission critical computers, servers or network and monitoring devices, which require 24/7 remote power management to ensure systems are up and running at all times. These include computer rooms, server rooms, data centers, production lines, distributed intelligent devices, industrial applications and more. Minicom's PoC solves the problem of power control to remote IT infrastructure in cases where a PDU cannot provide enough electrical current or when the number of ports are not optimized to the application.

Its unique and robust "power cord" design meet the stringent requirements of cable management in IT environments and make it extremely easy to slide several units together and control several devices through the same interface.