Smart CAT5 KVM Extender

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The new generation CAT5 Smart KVM Extender enables controlling a computer from up to 110m/360ft away by extending the KVM console. This makes it an excellent solution for accessing computers centralized in one secure, environmentally controlled location such as those located in financial institutions. Using advanced CAT5 cable technology makes it easy to install and eliminates troublesome cables and clutter.

From SOHO Environments to Industrial Applications
More than just an extender, the CAT5 Smart KVM Extender is actually a multifunctional system that can perform multiple tasks all in one unit.

* KVM extension
* dual-user access
* 2 by 2 control
* KVM switch extension

If you're working from a small, home office (SOHO), the Mini KVM Extender is your preferred extended control solution - just place the KVM console where you want and the computer where you need and you're all set to go!

The dual user option enables two users to access the same computer making work more efficient.

As a 2 by 2 system one user can switch between and control two computers while a second user can control one computer. This makes it an ideal solution for storage, industrial applications and SOHO environments (i.e. executive and secretary).

Where many servers are connected to a KVM switch, the Smart KVM Extender gives the user all the flexibility needed to access and control all the servers from anywhere in the facility.