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IP Control is an affordable remote KVM gateway providing access and control of your computers and servers, no matter how distant, via a standard web-browser. Featuring KVM IP technology that penetrates to the target computer's innermost BIOS level, IP Control gives you the power to access and reboot downed devices without having to be physically within reach. Desk-mountable and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, IP Control comes with 128-bit SSL security as standard, and is equally adept in single computer environments, small to medium size data centers, and digital signage networks.

BIOS level remote support for mission-critical PC's
IP Control is an indispensable tool for remotely supporting mission-critical computers and intelligent devices - where every instant of added downtime becomes critical to business, or perilous to life. IP Control lets you directly access the remote computer's BIOS, and accurately diagnose the system fault - saving you the time, expense and inefficiency of a field technician roll out.

IP Control is equally at home providing remote access and control for small to medium size data centers that employ a variety of KVM switches and servers. IP Control seamlessly adds-on remote, out-of-band KVM and Serial access without forcing you to replace your entire KVM switch inventory, and thereby safeguarding your existing KVM investment.

With IP Control you can remotely monitor and maintain computer media players for digital signage. It controls in real time, and with virtually no extra cost, the distribution of media content on any number of players and enables troubleshooting even when the operating system is down.

Featuring proprietary technology, IP Control provides superior video quality and mouse control over LAN, WAN and Internet. No matter how far away your computers or servers, you can access and control them with the same user experience as if they were directly at hand.

In addition to KVM access, IP Control features a built-in port providing remote Serial access to power management switches, routers, headless servers and other Serial-connected devices.

A free online test drive of this product is available: http://www.minicom.com/requestdemoip.cfm