Pure One-Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3

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PURE ONE™ has 250% more DHA than fish oil. DHA is the most difficult omega-3 to obtain from the diet. DHA is now recommended in a Johns Hopkins Health Alert for the statistical prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-3s are also featured in Mayo Clinic recommendations to help lower high triglycerides.

PURE ONE™ omega-3 oil is now available direct from the omega-3 source, Cultured Clean™ away from the sea using source algae oil producers. In Nature, microalgae have always been the source where marine omega-3s come from. Krill and fish feed on algae and fish also feed on krill.

PURE ONE™ replaces the absolute need for fish oil omega-3s and provides an optimized omega-3 source for the human body. No longer are people required to hunt and gather fish for our ever increasing global omega-3 needs.

PURE ONE™ is NOT captured by the ton. It does not even come from harvesting arctic-microalgae for omega-3s. It is cultured and grown like an omega-3 pearl.

PURE ONE™ oil comes from a naturally optimized strain that was identified and cultured decades ago. The source organism was selected for its metabolically optimal omega-3 content. Schizochytrium sp. microalgae functions as the most optimal strain for safe edible omega-3 oil production.

PURE ONE™ is a perfect balance of therapeutic omega-3s, formulated for optimized results. Forget fish oil and all its problems. Bypass the fish. Our botanical oil, PURE ONE™ even ends all worries about environmental pollutants and rancid oils.

PURE ONE™ was grown according to patented saline-culture processes, under industrially controlled conditions for guaranteed purity and Infant Formula Grade consumer safety guarantees. The discovery of edible microalgae oil achieved recognition in 1996 as Generally Regarded As Safe and was upgraded in 2004 with broader use.

PURE ONE™ has the richest Scizochytrium oil EPA levels, available only from Source-Omega (Patent Pending).


PURE ONE™ offers the first nutritional alternative to fish oil for the same vital omega-3s at the same total omega-3 dose for the same price.

PURE ONE™ is also the first-to-market with EPA in the microalgae oil sector. Our advantage as metabolically balanced is strengthened by the encapsulation choice, making PURE ONE™ 100% Vegan. Source-Omega only uses the algae gelatin carrageenan to make PURE ONE™ in AL-G™ gelatin softgels. Encapsulation is one of our strong positions, although not exclusive.