SmartRack 232 Rack Manager with integrated KVM switch

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The Smart, Space-Saving Solution for KVM access

At the rack, every bit of space is valuable. The SmartRack 232 helps IT administrators impose order on the chaos of overcrowded server rooms by seamlessly integrating two essential elements, an LCD drawer and a KVM switch. With centralized management of up to 32 servers, IT personnel have a powerful tool for streamlining workflow at the rack. By reducing cable clutter, the SmartRack 232 gives IT managers sorely needed room in the data center. This extra room translates into money saved, as less racks are needed for the data center.

The SmartRack 232 is an integrated KVM switch for two users, with simultaneous access and control of up to 32 mixed-platform (PS/2 and USB) servers. The SmartRack 232 is based on Minicom's innovative ROC technology, in which each computer/server is directly connected to the switch via the ROC using a standard CAT5 cable at a distance of up to 30m/100ft in a star configuration.


The SmartRack 232, designed to prevent unauthorized access and security breaches, is the secure solution for built-in KVM access at the rack. The SmartRack 232 has multi-layer security through the OSD, and ensures that only authorized users can control or access the servers.

Leverage Your Location With Extended or Remote Access Options

The SmartRack 232 has the option of extending the location of a second user via CAT5 with Minicom's KVM Extender USB up to a distance of 150m/500ft. The SmartRack 232 also has the option of providing remote access via IP Access for a remote user with Minicom's PX USB. This flexibility means that the SmartRack 232 can accommodate the needs of data centers as they change and grow.

SmartRack 232: Part of the Product Family

Minicom has a proven track record of increasing IT infrastructure efficiency and making the most of physical limitations in the data center. The SmartRack 232 joins Minicom's established, successful product line of space-saving LCD drawers with integrated KVM switches, the SmartRack 116 and the SmartRack 116 IP.