Position Sensing Solutions

AMCI's rotary position sensors are designed to heavy-duty specifications, including high shock and vibration, operating temperature, and shaft loading capacity ratings.

- Up to IP69K protection
- Stainless steel and high temperature packages
- Single-turn, multi-turn, and networked versions

- Single-turn, multi-turn, and redundant sensing solutions
- Stainless Steel and high temperature rated versions
- Widest selection of resolver interface PLC modules

SSI and LDT:
- Interfaces for today's leading SSI and LDT sensors
- Complete SI sensing solutions for rotary and linear applications
- LDT solutions for single and multi-magnet sensors

Programmable Limit Switch (PLC):
- Controllers for PLCs, networks and standalone operation
- High speed PLC controllers for packaging, press, and automation applications
- Full featured programming capabilities for a wide range of functions