CMS6100 Central Management Appliance

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Secure Centralized Management

The CMS6100 appliance provides flexible, centralized control of data center servers, network devices and power; and branch offices and remote sites where trained operators are unavailable. Identifies and resolves IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes.

A flexible target device management and control solution for enterprises with distributed infrastructure. Secure remote access from anywhere at anytime.

Manage Isolated Devices

Locations that are isolated without public IP access initiate outgoing secure SSH tunnels connections to the CMS6100. This Call Home feature enables remote control of computers and smart devices that are located behind a router or behind a firewall - without configuring the network access.

Access Out of Band from Anywhere

Alerts may be raised in the event of a disconnect or environmental problem being identified at a remote site. The manager once notified simply points their browser to the CMS6100 and with a point-n-click they are securely connected to the downstream console server - or managed device - for maintenance, reconfiguration or power cycling.

Open Extensible

The VCMS appliance has the popular open source Nagios preinstalled in the VMWare or Linux KVM appliance image. The VCMS also allows access to its Linux core including bash so you can create proactive custom solutions.

Plug n Play Appliance

Simply install a CMS6100 appliance and it will monitor and control your local and distributed networks. Secure communications from remote sites can be initiated on power up. Configurations for each console server and their managed devices can be uploaded automatically. No time wasted reconfiguring.