Animation Videos

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We're experts in Animated Web Videos.
Explain your product or service with high impact animated videos. We animate ideas for products and services to deliver an easy message in a CLEAR way that keeps your audience highly engaged.

Animation Development Process:
In only 3 to 4 weeks, we can create a video that will explain your value proposition. Our videos are generally under 2 minutes but deliver big results. We work with you in writing a compelling script. Then our animators get to work. In about 3 weeks - we've created a high quality, animated video that we send to you for approval.

Our development process first starts with a great script. The script is a short story about the challenge or challenges your organization is facing. The script is normally based on 3 parts: the problem, the product/service or idea that solves the problem and how it works and the happy ending.

The next step in this process. Is to create the characters and illustrations that will be used in the video, and have the client approve the direction our team is going. Once the script and the characters have been approved, we then move onto developing the video, with constant input and participation by you.
The development of the animated video takes about 3-4 weeks from start to finish.