H-I-P (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC)

B2B Contact Data & Data Services

Price: $1,500.00
Target Group Provisioning

Our proprietary list provisioning process converges our 50+million count B2B database with other credible contact data sources and with social media for the most accurate and cost-efficient method in use for list builds today. We feature:

Only professional BTB email addresses: no AOL, Hotmail, Gmail domains.
Deep segmentation capabilities
Pricing often at 20-50% of most of our competitors.
90% Deliverability guarantee.
Data sample prior to purchase.
Unrestricted, unlimited license – you own the data!
Coverage for U.S., Canada, U.K., Latin and South America, Australia, India, other.

CRM Data Enhancement

For data appends and CRM refreshes, High-Impact-Prospecting uses a proprietary process which sources diverse and reputable contact data and then converges it with business-to-business social media. The result is the most accurate and cost-efficient output in use for list builds today. Pricing for our standard data append/enrichments service, entitled List-Enrich™, is based on the total count of the contacts to be enhanced, the desired time frame for delivery, and the quality and format of the client data provided to us. Our output provides the most current information for each identifiable contact, striving for 80% match or better. It can be formatted in terms of data dictionary, columns, rows and cells for easy import to most major CRM and marketing automation solutions, including Salesforce.com, Pardot, Eloqua and others.

Segmentation and Targeting

Want to “size your market”? As a precursor to your next marketing campaign, whether H-I-P delivers it for you or not, we can determine the total count of companies and desired contacts which you could source by targeting and segmenting against your demographic profile within our B2B contact database of over 50+million records. Reporting includes counts by SIC and NAICS classifications as well as their accompanying textual descriptions, geography, department, keyword title and more.