H-I-P (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC)

H-I-P (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC)

HiP (High-Impact-Prospecting) is a New York-based firm providing agile, single-vendor and high-outcome B2B digital marketing and demand generation services for technology-centric clients. Our key differentiators include ownership of our own email service platform, our own virtual call center, a 65+ million-strong B2B contact database, and a tight-knit team of deeply experienced professionals.


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H-I-P (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC)

We @ HiP create high-impact outcomes for direct clients like Oracle, SAP, Google, Adobe, Salesforce.com, Yahoo!, Pitney Bowes, CenturyLink, HP, MasterCard Business, CAST Software, SuccessFactors and many others. Our methodology and services drive standard-setting lead counts for companies as diverse as IBM, Avaya, Hitachi Data Systems, Citrix Online and others. HiP also has large relationships with all of the major B2B content syndicators and delivered over 128,000 qualified leads to clients in Q3 2013. We have nearly 200,000 Twitter followers and more than 25,000 Facebook likes.

Our diverse services include:

Content Marketing
1:1 Lead Generation, Prospecting
Trade Event ROI Enhancing
Content Creation
Branded eNewsletters
B2B Social and Media Engagement
B2B Contact Data and Data Services
B2B Content Syndication
Marketing Automation
Digital Press, Direct Mail
Marketing and Client Portals