H-I-P (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC)

B2B Social and Media Engagement

Price: $1,500.00
Drive Genuine Demand from LinkedIn, PRWeb, other B2B Social Media
High-Impact-Prospecting has long experience in leveraging LinkedIn, PRWeb and other B2B social networks, both for its own benefit as well as for its clients. Collectively, High-Impact-Prospecting's social media experts are connected directly to over 15,000 contacts on LinkedIn, with more than 3,000,000 connections in our aggregate network.
To be effective, activity needs to be content-driven, regularly recurring, consistent in messaging, and perceived as genuine by members of LinkedIn. Further, High-Impact-Prospecting is highly sensitive to being our clients’ “brand guardian” when representing client interests on LinkedIn.
We know these efforts can add 20% or more to your registrant volume for whitepapers, webinars and newsletters. Our capabilities in B2B social engagement include, but are not limited to, the use of:

750+ LinkedIn Discussion Groups
Interactive, search-optimized press release with "Quotable" section distributed to all major search engines, all major online news sites like Yahoo!News and Topix, premium online publishers like Entrepreneur.com and Media Digests, more than 250,000 press release subscribers and 30,000 journalists, “Share This” enabling readers to send your news to others through blogs, PRWeb, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and more
Automated message broadcast to Plaxo, Technorati, Digg, AIM and dozens of other social media sites
Tweets in any volume or frequency on Twitter
Your message content converted to PDF and posted in Box.net, Slideshare, Google Presentation and elsewhere.
LinkedIn Surveys and Polls
LinkedIn “Answers”
LinkedIn “Events”
LinkedIn Network Updates