H-I-P (High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC)

Content Creation, Marketing Automation

Price: $2,500.00
Content Creation for Your Marketing Automation Tool

The first true step in building out a lead nurture program in a marketing automation solution is to create the content which will drive the ongoing “conversation” with the prospect. High-Impact-Prospecting prides itself on what we call our “peer to peer prospecting” skills and our communications, whether written or spoken, are driven by role-based segmentation and targeted towards prospects’ areas of responsibility. We author impactful and relevant messaging intended to communicate effectively to the right contacts for you, “in their language”. The process begins by collaborating with you on creation of messaging and content, and then we synthesize, distill and express your offerings in conversational style, though in industry vernacular designed to "cut through the clutter". All of this will be driven by your business rules and from within your own marketing automation solution.

Operating/Managing Your Marketing Automation Tool

We can fill your marketing automation tool with logic and business rules and then assure it runs smoothly and effectively nurtures new and existing leads. H-I-P enables automated lead nurturing using drip marketing programs, deploys autoresponder emails as completion actions for your forms, includes dynamic content into your emails to add a personal touch, provides you the flexibility of scheduling your emails, and automates CAN-SPAM compliance for messaging sent from your MAT.