Colored Faceplates and Receptacle Boxes

Color coding in a mission critical facility makes tracing and managing primary and redundant power sources and key infrastructural systems and components easier. In the complex world of data center management easier usually translates into fewer outages and less downtime if a problem occurs.
To make data center management easier, PDU Cables, the first branch circuit power whip manufacturer to offer colored conduit, now offers colored face plates and boxes painted to match its eleven colors of Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit.
Even if you aren't using Liquid-Tight Flexible Metal Conduit, you can still color code your branch circuit power whips for primary and redundant power sources. PDU Cables will paint faceplates and boxes any of our eleven colors even if they are mated to Metal Clad (MC) Cables or Flexible Metal Conduit (RWS or RWA).