Moran Transportation Corporation

Dedicated Truck & Driver

Our team provides custom Chicago dedicated truck and driver programs to all industries. Our team strategically works with your organization to provide you with the right drivers and the right truck and trailer equipment to handle your local Chicago, Illinois supply chain and delivery network. We know that your being in the trucking business is not your core expertise or the best use of your management time and capital investment. Our team provides the necessary assets and driver staff to handle your day to day dedicated trucking requirements including seasonal or peak support programs. Let Moran Transportation Corporation become your strategic transportation partner by allowing us to manage your truck & driver assets. The management of dedicated truck & drivers is our core business.

Eliminates the capital expenses necessary to purchase your own trucks and trailers. In the past five years we have seen a 38%-40% increase in the cost of new trucks & straight trucks.
You always have equipment in place as we provide back up trucks and trailers when your dedicated equipment is in for maintenance.
Trained back up professional drivers to fill in when your regular dedicated drivers are on holiday or vacation.
Our ability to acquire assets, fuel, insurance, and supplies more competitively that our customers.
Eliminate your “workers compensation” costs and exposures.
Eliminate your “liability and umbrella” insurance costs and exposure.
Eliminate your sick day and vacation replacement costs.
Eliminate your truck and/or trailer rental costs.
Reduce your companies Risk and Exposure associated with your truck and driver operations.
Maintain your own branding on the trucks or driver’s uniforms while not having to own & manage the truck and driver delivery portion of your business.
Relief from having to manage the changing State, Federal, Department of Transportation, & FMSCA laws & regulations.