Business 360-in-a-Box

Kloudville’s Business 360 Apps are Simple, Scalable, Customizable, Open API, and Business context process centricFull lifecycle business functionality with flexibility and simplicity of implementation in any business context

* Business process centric Apps include; customer, catalog, inventory, order, fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, billing, pricing, procuring, resourcing, ticketing, B2B portal and real-time analytics and management dashboard straight out-of-the-box
- Apps are business-process centric and come pre-configured with business functions per business vertical
- Apps empowers businesses and enables easy and rapid customizations to business change
- Apps can be re-configured or enhanced for purpose
- New Apps can be created and integrated through the open API’s
- Common look-and-feel (UI) across all Apps and platform

* Open and standardized APIs allow for rapid deployment and integration at every level
- Highly secure, enterprise/telecom grade performance and scalability with workload distribution, load balancing and automatic failover
- All apps leverage shared common databases through the Core layer, creating information transparency across the organization
- Grow on demand without any further customization or change
- Low OPEX: No on premise IT infrastructure
- Configuration-driven capability from the core platform and propagated to the Apps which allows for rapid and flexible adaption to your business and ways of working