Kloudville Inc.

Founded in Toronto, Canada, Kloudville Inc., develops and markets business management solutions that improve operational efficiencies and enable supply chain commerce transformation. Your processes. One system. People working better.

Kloudville’s go-to-market inspiration is to provide any business of any size with a complete and comprehensive set of Business Applications (Business 360 Apps) that provide full operational management capabilities. Kloudville Business 360 Apps provides an Omni-channel, Enterprise grade, Digital commerce platform that brings together all key facets of e-CRM, e-commerce and ERP functions under a SaaS platform (“the Kloudville platform”). The Kloudville Platform is scalable (as the growth demands), secure and maintenance-free cloud-based business-process-centric environment that supports any business context operations engaged in the buying and selling of good and services. Kloudville Business 360-in-a-Box.

Kloudville’s current market focus is provide Wholesale Distributors, Home Builders, Telecom & Services orientated companies with a complete digital 360 business context driven and process-centric management capability with minimum IT operational overheads. www.kloudville.com


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Company History

Kloudville Inc.

Entrepreneurial team has proven track record of building software businesses & products. Kloudville is led by an exceptional senior team with strong entrepreneurship, multi-industry business building, and advanced enterprise and Telecom grade IT expertise and credentials.

Our industry background and performance include ConceptWave Software Inc., acquired by Ericsson AB in 2012, and Objectel Software Inc., now owned by Oracle Corp. Both product portfolios continue to remain key components of these vendors portfolios and are deployed globally in the largest operators. They have stood the test of time.