A Frosty J Productions (ASCAP)

Music Placement & Publishing for Bands & Songwriters

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A Frosty J Productions (ASCAP) is an international artist management and music publishing firm offering competitive pricing and quick turnaround of professional audio & video sound engineering projects and music licensing for film, TV, radio, videogames, Internet, live performances, commercials and other available soundtracking multimedia markets. At our helm is Jason Frost, who has the experience, dedication, entrepreneurial leadership and respect of some of the most well known names in the music and film industry today. Our staffed network consists of creative and professional audio sound and visual engineering specialists ready to meet any project deadline and exceed your very best expectations. We also retain a staff of highly skilled musicians as part of our own in-house songwriting and composing team so that we can arm you with newer sounds, fresher beats and better background music than the competition. A Frosty J Productions (ASCAP) is growing everyday and is already part of a largely expanding network of newly created partnerships extending into the areas of film, TV, radio, soundtracking, production, promotion, manufacturing, distribution, photography, press relations, management and artist development.