Telecentrex, LLC

Freedom800™ FreedomLITE

Price: $9.95
The FreedomLITE is our most affordable toll-free voice package. It's ideal for small businesses looking to automate their call answering while projecting a professional first impression. The multiple mailboxes/extensions give the caller the impression that your organization is larger and more established, thus giving your business credibility without even having to say a word to the caller.

Standard FreedomLITE features include a unique nationwide toll-free number and five mailboxes, each with its own extension, outgoing message, follow-me-live call routing numbers and PIN code. These advanced mailbox features give geographically dispersed companies the impression of a single office. 

Highlighted System Features:

 -Unique Nationwide Toll Free Number
 -5 Voice Mailboxes / Extensions
 -Automated Attendant
 -Follow-Me-Live Call Routing
 -On-Hold with Music
 -Caller ID with Time Stamping
 -Question & Answer Mailbox
 -Call Announcement
 -Unlimited Call Capacity
 -Call Back and Pager Notification
 -Unlimited Outgoing Message Length
 -Unlimited Voicemail Capacity

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