Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Your name and identity are two of the most valuable assets you possess. For this reason, you need to have developed the rules governing the use of your logo. Your logo makes an impression on all that see it. It is a reflection of your mission, vision, and values. It represents your ideals, history, and staff. In short, your logo is a reflection on all of you.

When thinking about corporate identity, first thing you have to achieve is the consistent usage of an organization's logo within any number of applications including advertising, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, signage, promotional materials, etc.

But the identity doesn't rely on image only because the words you use are also important. The words that transmit those messages to you are known as "corporate criteria words." They indicate the values and focus of a company. Simply, everything the company does or says or publishes paints a seemingly invisible picture of itself. All of those cues add up to a hidden corporate identity.

It is good to mention that the more information you provide, the easier is for us to create a corporate identity that will work for you and your customers.

We are specialized in shaping & reshaping the perception of corporations. This can involve logo and corporate image (re) designs, slogan creation, new company collateral and professional copywriting services.

However, if you are looking only for professional help in a specific area only, we may offer you tailored solutions as segregate services from our full communication concept.