Press releases and targeted press release distribution have been one of the most powerful forms of marketing and advertising available in today's business world. Byworking closely with the mainstream financial media in China, ChinaPR provides a state-of-the-art platform for information distribution and PR-related services for non-Chinese business people who need exposure and presence in China.

The scope of our ChinaPR services includes news distribution, media monitoring and other value-added services. We distribute your full-text news release to China-based news media, financial markets, information websites, and databases. ChinaPR's services begin with news distribution, but also include targeting, evaluation and measurement services. Whether your news requires the broad distribution of the wire, or the targeted distribution to individual journalists, investors and other key audiences, we have the tools to cost effectively drive the results you are looking for. As cross-cultural specialist, ChinaPR has a professional and dedicated translation team to provide inclusive, optimizing access for companies whose media relations are influenced by language and cultural barriers. Based on the knowledge and expertise we have in the PR industry, we provide the highest quality press-release translation service on the Internet.