eFang is a unique group of cross cultural marketing specialists headquartered in Beijing, China. In an age of globalization, every business owner wants to expand into new markets and increase profits. Online marketing is one good way to do this. At eFang, we help our clients reach Chinese horizons that they could not previously envision.

In Chinese, eFang shares the same pronunciation with the word "Yi Fang". Specifically, "Yi" means "Different". "Fang" means "Place". Putting the two together, "eFang" means "Different Place". eFang chooses a Chinese name because we want to highlight our Chinese heritage and business focus: to offer customized bilingual solutions and specialized linguistic, cultural, and technical services to meet all of your foreign language and multicultural needs when doing business in a Different Place.

We specialize in bilingual web design solutions for Chinese and English businesses, pay-for-performance advertising placement on the 1000-plus most visited China-based websites, website development, database design, PR news distribution,and China-centric SEO solutions.

At eFang, everything boils down to delivering your results. Every client has unique needs requiring solutions to meet their business objectives. Our team at eFang uses this premise when working with you to identify your goals and designing a customized solution to deliver the results you desire.


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