TradeShow Teacher

Full Day of Trade Show Training

The success of your trade shows are important. Your business has reached a stage where you can afford to do more comprehensive face-to-face marketing; yet you have to make sure that every dollar spent counts. As with many things in life, little details become crucial in making your shows a success. The TradeShow Teacher's Full Day of Trade Show Training will give you the tools and knowledge to turn your trade shows into a success story!

You will also receive a copy of the "Trade Show Training for Increased Return on Investment" Training Manual; containing step-by-step planning guidance, customizable templates, spreadsheet guides, planning questions & more...

The Full Day of Training is customized to fit your company's exhibiting experience & needs; further develop your trade show exhibiting, target your trade show exhibits to attract key prospects, train booth staff how to effectively engage, qualify & close with them, develop an effective lead strategy, etc; all of which directly contribute to increasing your trade show ROI.

For Beginners: We can start from the ground level up, by covering an overview of every aspect of successfully planning & marketing your trade show exhibit, discuss targeted banner messaging & design, develop an exhibit strategy, create an effective follow up process & determine a post show reporting process.

Veteran Exhibitors: You can opt to cover any area of trade show training where you need to improve or just expand upon, specifically more strategic items, such as:

- Targeting Your PR & Marketing; pre-show, at-show & post show

- Designing Effective Graphics & Messaging; specifically for the trade show environment

- Setting Strategic Goals & Objectives; as they relate to the attendee's needs

- Obtaining Qualified Leads; not just a stack of business cards!

- Creating an Effective Lead Handling & Follow Up Process; that actually gets followed up with!

- Networking Guidance; how to make contacts & build business relationships

- Streamlining the Planning Process; increase productivity & save time with customizable templates, planning questions & checklist guides

- How to "Stand Out" from the Crowd; with unique approaches that create a "buzz" on the trade show floor!


- Higher Return on Investment

- Substantially Increase Qualified (HOT) Leads

- Messaging that Will Drive, Targeted Prospects to Your Booth

- Enhanced Publicity

- Streamlined Lead Follow Up Process; for Increased Responses & Sales

- Defining a Post Show Reporting Process that will Help You to Continuously Grow Your Exhibiting Strategy, Increase ROI & Most Importantly SALES!

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