Baculovirus Expression

Insect cells are the preferred module for high-level recombinant protein expression of many disease-relevant protein families. Several popular kit systems exist in the protein expression marketplace, however all common systems utilize baculovirus as a vector for host infection and protein production.

The most challenging element of baculoviral-mediated (baculo) protein expression is low batch-to-batch (lab-to-lab) replicability. Blue Sky has developed a multi-component system which employs Infection Kinetics Monitoring (IKM) technology. This system compiles a suite of real-time cell population measurements, read during the course of viral infection.

In tandem with standard scouting measures (such as Western Blot), IKM substantially decreases the guesswork associated with scale-up baculo expression. This system also obviates the need for laborious baculoviral titration. IKM makes baculo expression more predictable.

Blue Sky Biotech can help you with all of your baculovirus expression needs.