Blue Sky Biotech, Inc.

Blue Sky Biotech, Inc. is an integrated service provider of “Gene To Screen” discovery biologicals. Currently, Blue Sky offers 3 linked laboratory service segments: Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture/Fermentation, and Protein Sciences (including biochemistry). This pre-clinical contract service bundle offers research-based drug discovery clients a convenient source of pharma-grade research tools.

Services include Gene Synthesis, Vector Construction, Recombinant Protein Expression (bacterial, yeast, mammalian, insect), Stable Cell production, Protein Purification, and Assay Development. Blue Sky’s premium baculoviral (insect cell recombinant protein expression) service boasts a proprietary process technology (IKM®) that significantly improves turnaround time and enhances reproducibility. The Company is a privately held corporation, with 16 staff members. Blue Sky is located in Worcester, MA.

Private Company
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