Sarbanes-Oxley / Basel ii Compliance and Product Repositioning for vendors, suppliers and service pr

Sales teams struggle to achieve targets. This is because many times suppliers fail to stand in the shoes of executives and experience the business challenges their customers face. Competition is fierce and sales cycles can be long.

But, there are some exceptions to the rule. Senior management has new needs and the highest value opportunities come from selling at the C-Level.

Position your company's value in terms of solutions to issues that C-level executives face. Compliance is a “must have”. Availability, security, better IT services… very nice, but, yes, all these are “nice to have”.

We will work for one week in your headquarters of your regional offices. At the end of this week, we will give you our assessment and a presentation with our recommendations. We will help you understand the new market opportunities. We will discuss how you can use compliance as a selling point. How you can adapt and stay ahead of changes. How compliance can make you a market leader. How to reposition your products and services. How to and differentiate these products and services from the competition.
Persons needed: 1
Consultant: George Lekatis
Time needed: One week
Place: USA, Europe, Asia
Fixed Fee: The total cost is $18,000. Everything is included (fee, expenses, tax etc.)
(For other consultants the fee may be different)