Sarbanes-Oxley / Basel ii Compliance Awareness

If someone is not aware of the legal requirements, appropriate controls and protection are hardly likely to be employed.

People must be motivated to take compliance seriously. Awareness is used to reinforce the fact that compliance supports the mission of the organization.
George Lekatis has created a flexible Awareness Compliance curriculum providing learning paths individually suited to the needs of each sector of organizations (executive management, IT, security, sales and marketing, administration).

Tailor Made: Sarbanes-Oxley / Basel ii Compliance Awareness for:

1. Board of Directors and Executive Management Compliance Awareness and Coaching

2. Sales and Marketing Professionals

3. IT, Risk and Information Security Professionals

4. Process Owners

5. Employees

Senior managers and business owners are pressed to find solutions to solve specific problems. George Lekatis has effectively and professionally coached business people. He understands the challenges senior managers and business owners face every day. His objective honest advice will prove to be the best for you and your company.

Get clear answers to those technical questions you always wanted to ask.
Increase your ability to make informed decisions about compliance. Understand what is really required by Sarbanes Oxley and what vendors and consulting companies want you to believe!