Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Services

The legal approach to screening expert witnesses has undergone significant change over the past decade.

Technology law decisions are often based on the performance of technologists, who are often ill prepared to step into the roles that the legal system defines for them. Sometimes, one detail not adequately explained by one of the testifying experts makes all the difference in the decision.

George Lekatis is our lead litigation consultant and expert witness. He can assume the following roles in a legal action:

Consulting Expert
George will investigate the case, explain technology to the legal team and advice on strategy. He will also explain what should be told by the competition’s expert and the strategy going into court.

Testifying Expert
George is a well recognized professional speaker and trainer. He has the education, training, experience and credibility.

Technologists are often very bad expert witnesses. They hardly bear the legal process. A technical expert witness must be a good teacher and a good speaker. He must also have a likable personality (sorry programmers!). He must understand (and must turn) the court’s concerns: Oh, how boring… Is this expert really an expert?...