Sarbanes Oxley and Basel ii Sales Training: A new market for vendors, suppliers, service providers

Course Title
Sarbanes Oxley Sales Training:
A new market for vendors, suppliers and service providers
1-5 Days. This seminar will be tailored to your needs

Participants will develop the ability to understand the challenges executive managers face. They will be able to speak their customers' language, and this has the potential for immediate impact. Sales and marketing managers can apply the skills and knowledge gained in the program immediately.

Target Audience:
• Marketing, sales and presales directors, managers and professionals.
• New and experienced pre or post sales people working for IT suppliers and service providers.

1-5 Days, 09:00 to 17:00 each day. This seminar will be tailored to your needs

During the course we will cover:
Position your company's value in terms of solutions to issues that C-level executives face
IT Controls and Sarbanes Oxley Relevance
Computer Investigation and Proactive Strategies
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Documentation Issues
Compliance and Security Monitoring
Records Retention
Real-time Disclosure
Continuous Compliance
Opportunities for deals
Gain immediate credibility with C-level Executives
Your valuable list that helps you to identify C-level Executives' critical needs
Outsourcing services and Sarbanes Oxley compliance
Outsourcing services and Basel ii compliance