Information Security Awareness and Training

In-company Training Courses
The first choice for many companies. Fully tailored training.
Presented exclusively for your own people.

A. Security Awareness and Compliance Awareness training programs
If someone is not aware of the risks and exposures, appropriate controls and protection are hardly likely to be employed. People must be motivated to take security and compliance seriously.

Awareness is used to reinforce the fact that compliance and information security support the mission of the organization, by protecting valuable resources.

The purpose of these courses:
- To answer questions
- To solve problems
- To affect professional life
- To increase effectiveness and productivity
- To develop specific skills.

B. Coaching for C Level Executives and Boards of Directors
Directors, senior managers and business owners are pressed to find solutions to solve specific problems.
We can effectively and professionally coached business people.
We understands the challenges they face every day.

Our objective and honest advice will prove to be the best for you and your company.
Get clear answers to those technical questions you always wanted to ask.
Increase your ability to make informed decisions about compliance.

C. Tailor Made Training


Who did that, with whom and when…This is the primary information that is examined in every audit trail.

Administrators expect to understand what happened by reading logs, trying to tie persons to data. They like (and understand) text files. They rely on computer clocks. But, what happens if the clocks in some computers do not agree with each other, or are deliberately reset?

Courts expect evidence to be authentic, accurate and trustworthy. Judges and juries believe that companies and organizations maintain proper records that demonstrate origin, creator, timing and ownership. The most common legal difficulty faced by organizations in cyber crime cases in the courts is the acceptability of digitally based evidence. The private sector is rarely capable to investigate computer crime and to collect admissible evidence. Electronic time stamps are usually lines of text at the bottom of the records, or simply the last modified time. But…

• This text can be altered by anyone with access to the file.
• System clocks can be wrong or can not agree with each other.
• There are many attacks to the WHEN of an action. Clocks are deliberately reset by criminals.
This session will cover:
• Checksums, hash algorithms, digital signatures: What is the real time to bind with data?
• The need for digital time-stamping services.
• Private Key for the digital time-stamping service?
• Time stamps in a computer forensics analysis.
Today historians check authenticity of letters found during excavations using physical means. Some years from now, digital time-stamps may be the way to authenticate the find.

Who should attend?
• Chief Investigation Officers
• Corporate Investigators
• Competitive Intelligence Professionals
• Security Managers
• IT Mangers
• Military Personnel and Law Enforcement Officers
• Technical Consultants
• Internal Auditors
• Legal Professionals and in-house Lawyers
• Prosecutors
• System and Network Administrators
• Professionals responsible for secure use of computer systems.