Rayner Institute For Career Development

Patient Coordinator/Clinical Coordinator for CEU's/Level 1&2 Distance Education

Patient coordinators / clinical coordinators are highly-sought out by cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists and other practitioners offering medically-driven, physical enhancement services.

Learn all you will need to know to feel completely self-assured after completing this highly-condensed & accelerated patient coordinator training course. The content in this program is a direct result of an extensive research, writing & academic development project. It reflects 7 1/2 years of dedicated effort that has culminated in 624 study hours of student coursework. It covers ten esthetic & clinical performance levels & touches upon the entire spectrum of the analytic component to support a complete understanding of the mutiple intelligences involved in every single aspect imaginable of the delivery of medical esthetic care.

If you are a mature & stylish professional with great front office appearance, highly developed, social & communication skills, exemplary sales abilities & most importunately, patient likeability - you may wish to seriously consider this advanced training program.

Until the introduction of this coursework, on-the-job preparedness training as a patient coordinator / clinic coordinator was virtually unheard of and, hard-to-find, because this career alternative requires extensive insider knowledge into the how-to’s and the where-for’s associated with patient coordinating.

This program has been written for those who wish to become integral members of the cosmetic-patient caregiving team working with the physicians / medical directors & medical staff in laser centers, physician’s practices w/ esthetic divisions, hospital departments or any other designated healing environments such as medical spas that offer clinically-centered beauty-enhancement services.

Patient coordinators / clinical coordinators cater to the requirements of patients who are seeking expert advice on a wide spectrum of physical improvement options such as; medical measures & other anti-aging treatment applications including, but not limited to: the latest technologies & surgical interventions. With the information contained in this program you will be expertly trained to bridge the gap between surgical interventions, elective medical-grade procedures & esthetic services.