Rayner Institute For Career Development

Rayner Institute For Career Development

Non-commercial, non-device centered & non-product dependent training for CEUs.

Physicians, Nurses, Cosmetology Schools, Beauty Schools & Esthetician Schools routinely refer students to our skin care facilities for esthetics training and esthetician licensing as the field of medical esthetics becomes increasingly more competitive. The Rayner Institute for Career Advancement, and The Center for Appearance and Self Esteem offer distance learning degrees tailored to working adults.

Our career counseling and distance learning classes.
Our Program Certification is recognized and approved by national medical and esthetic licensing boards.
The Physician, Nurses, Cosmetologists, & esthetician correspondence training & distance education programs we offer allow them to earn a steady income while attending school. At our Institutes, the commitment to career counseling is paramount, and our philosophy of skin care for clients and patients is the utmost priority.


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Rayner Institute For Career Development

Established in 1980, the Center for Appearance and Esteem (CFAE) has emerged as a forerunner in advanced training by meeting the needs of the medical community and the esthetics industry. CFAE provides for the growing number of estheticians, cosmetologists, nurses and medical personnel seeking advanced technical skills in appearance counseling, dermatologic skin care and cosmetic rehabilitation with the techniques pioneered in camouflage makeup.

Great emphasis is placed on "hands-on" training similar to what the student can expect in a professional practice. Our focus is on job-related training and has resulted in placements of our graduates in medical teaching hospitals and dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgeon's offices as medical estheticians throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Asian continent.

Our programs are highly regarded by doctors, hospitals and salons throughout the nation and internationally for the high caliber of our graduates. We are continually seeking to provide additional training programs that will serve the needs of our students.

Our career transitional training programs are the most exciting breakthrough of exhilarated learning you will ever encounter. Our courses contain the direct result of 20 years of experience in the medical community and the medical esthetics field. In our training programs you will be offered an opportunity to explore the myths behind skin care and other esthetic procedures to replace them with scientific facts. The information you will learn will place you well ahead of other candidates seeking top paying positions. http://www.victoriarayner.com/critical.html

Career Considerations
Our training programs will provide you with:
higher profit potential.
larger patient demand.
higher salary potential.
flexible off hours.
more time for family, social and community affairs.
job diversity.
a way to maximize professional skills and prior experience.