Basel ii: The new challenges for the Banking Supervisors

Course Title
Basel ii: The new challenges for the Banking Supervisors
One day

This course has been designed to help professionals working for regulatory bodies and supervisory agencies understand their new challenges and responsibilities after Basel ii

Target Audience:
This course is intended for regulatory bodies and supervisory agencies. It is highly recommended for the board of directors and executive management of banks and financial organizations, in order to understand what they will have to prove to their supervisors.

One Day, 09:00 to 17:00.

Course Synopsis:
• The management’s and the board’s responsibility: Basel ii and the new supervisory review process
• Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision
• Analysis of the twenty five basic principles for a supervisory system to be effective
• Lessons learned
• The framework of objectives and responsibilities for the agencies involved in banking supervision
• The licensing process, the ownership structure and the scope of business of banks and banking groups
• Identification of the various types of risk confronting a bank, and ways of ensuring that these risks are properly monitored and controlled
• Quantitative and qualitative supervisory guidelines
• On- site examinations
• Investigation of specific areas, review of operations, assessment how an institution is managed and controlled
• Adequacy of systems of internal control.
• Off-site reviews
• Meetings
• Co-operation with internal and external auditors
• Analysis of reports and returns from banks and their affiliated entities, on a consolidated and individual basis
• Supervisory power for corrective actions if banks fail to meet the standards
• The roles of home and host supervisors
• Supervision on a global consolidated basis - sharing information with other supervisors
• Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision and supervisory self assessments
• Self Assessment: Examples
• Implications for a country's credit rating (and the cost of funding on international markets)
• Pillar 2: Supervisory Review Process
• Supervisory Review Process Principles
• Pillar 3: Disclosures
• Practical Application of Basel II Accord

The presentation can be customized to meet specific needs.