Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors

Building Purchase

Many commercial real estate brokerages operate as "Full Service" firms. At first glance, this sounds good - what's wrong with offering a full range of services? And, in fact, this was the way commercial brokers operated for many years.

But, Full Service brokers typically represent Landlords, Investors, Owners as well as Tenants and Buyers. Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors represents only the corporate users of commercial real estate. We don't accept listings from Landlords or Investor Owners (Property Sellers) because we strongly believe that working for both Owners and Buyers creates potential conflicts of interest that may not be readily apparent to a Buyer.

For example, did you know a commercial broker (or brokerage firm) may make double the commission amount if it represents both the Buyer and Seller (Property Owner) in a transaction? Will a broker negotiate aggressively on behalf of a Buyer if this broker also has a listing agreement with the building Seller, or is soliciting this Seller's listing business for a another property?

Guidance operates only as an exclusive Buyer's Agent. Our fiduciary responsibility is solely to you and we work hard to advance your interests. Nonetheless, in almost all cases, our fees are paid by the Seller (Property Owner). Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies with multiple sites to local firms with a single location. On all Buyer Representation projects, we listen carefully to understand your needs and then work diligently to provide creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

Our Tools: Experience, detailed knowledge, strong skills and high technology -- these are the tools that Guidance will bring to bear when representing your interests as a corporate Buyer Representative. Our senior brokers have extensive commercial real estate and corporate backgrounds, and strong analytical and negotiation skills. We know the market and how to structure purchase transactions that will produce the greatest value for your business' bottom line.

Our Process: All Guidance projects are assigned to a Principal-led team. This team always includes at least one experienced associate broker, and may include a project manager (if requested). The team is expanded, as required, by adding legal support, interior architects, electrical and mechanical engineers and construction general contractors. With our client making all key decisions, we manage this team to produce results that meet or exceed all business goals.

By engaging Guidance, you will receive expert advice, advocacy, and service throughout a comprehensive plan of action:

1) Prepare an exhaustive survey of the market to identify potential
buildings for purchase,
2) Provide a detailed economic analysis comparing the various options,
3) Once a target building is identified, negotiate to achieve the most
favorable economic terms,
4) Negotiate a purchase contract that provides strong protection and
favorable inspection contingency clauses,
5) Coordinate all due diligence efforts, including: building inspections,
title searches and survey review, planning & zoning reviews, environmental surveys (including Phase I, asbestos and mold inspections), cost estimates for any required construction or site improvements.

We don't like surprises - especially bad ones! That's why we work hard to craft purchase contracts with strong contingency provisions, and work hard during the due diligence period to thoroughly understand and document the property's strengths and weaknesses. We want our clients to enter into purchase transactions with their eyes open and to fully understand any potential issues or concerns.

We have developed a thorough, documented process designed to create maximum value for our clients. We understand that purchases of commercial facilities are an important, often critical, component of our clients' business success. We take our responsibility in this area seriously and strive to add value to exceed our clients' expectations!