Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors

Development Consulting

Guidance Corporate Realty Advisors can negotiate a Build-to-Suit transaction so that your business is able to design and build its own office, flex, R&D, or industrial building that can be owned or occupied under a long-term Lease.

In a tight market, or when your company has special requirements, a new facility may be your best solution.

Advantages: The Build-to-Suit facility can be specifically tailored to meet a business's current and future requirements in terms of location, size, design, interior build-out, parking requirements, expansion potential and any special requirements.

Requirements: In order to consider a Build-to-Suit Lease, a company will need strong credit and typically be willing make a minimum ten year Lease-term commitment. Depending upon the building location and design, an even longer Lease term may be required, but this will typically reduce the annual rental rates.

When considering a Build-to-Own project, a company must have strong credit (to secure financing) and, in most cases, be able to provide 20% to 25% of the total project costs (including architectural, engineering, construction, permits & fees) as a down payment. In some cases, Small Business Association (SBA) funding sources may allow a down payment of as little as 10% of the total project costs for a new facility that will be occupied at least 51% by the owner's business.

Solution: Guidance can work with you to evaluate the various pros and cons, and compare the costs and benefits of ownership versus those of leasing. You may engage us to manage the entire process including office space site selection, architect selection, Denver building design, developer and/or general contractor selection, financing assistance, and building project management, or select from a menu of these services.