AEX Commercial Financing Group

Credit Card Processing Services with Reduced Fees

For business owners unhappy with their current credit card processing services or simply wondering if cost improvements are viable, a high-quality credit card financing program should be considered. One of the primary reasons for evaluating credit card processing and credit card financing in this coordinated fashion is that the low-cost producers of the best business cash advance programs will almost certainly be using the best and lowest-cost producers of credit card processing services.

The AEX Business Cash Advance Program is a viable solution to this common business finance dilemma. Businesses should not overlook the substantial working capital business loan benefits which will accrue to their business by effectively coordinating credit card factoring and credit card processing. Improved cash flow and reduced costs are key results of successful working capital business loan solutions, and an appropriate combination of credit card processing and credit card receivables management is likely to accomplish both of these difficult goals concurrently.

In many cases, the best and lowest-cost providers of credit card processing are simply not available to the average business owner other than as part of a working capital management plan encompassing both credit card factoring and credit card processing. However, the economies of scale realized from the combination of these two key working capital services will almost always be worth the coordination efforts.

Please let AEX Commercial Financing Group know if we can help in any way with these two vital business finance goals. AEX can provide a business cash advance up to $300,000 (higher amounts possible on a case-by-case basis) by effectively coordinating credit card processing and credit card financing.

For business owners seeking other short-term funding options, please contact us directly after reviewing the following paragraph:

SHORT-TERM WORKING CAPITAL — Most businesses have experienced difficulty when trying to obtain short-term commercial loans. Most banks are no longer an effective provider for this important business finance need. AEX is now providing several new short-term working capital options. Please contact us for details about whether your business qualifies (most businesses that have been operating for a year or more are likely to qualify).