PLM Trailer Leasing

Refrigerated Trailer Leasing

PLM believes in providing our customers with leases customized for their unique business challenges. Our lease programs range from short-term leases to longer-term leases.
> Full Service Lease
PLM specializes in short to mid-term leases ranging from two to five years. These lease terms give our customers the ability to adjust their fleet management programs accordingly to their business environment.
> The Mirror Lease Program
Match the length of your equipment commitment to the length of the distribution contract with your customers. A two-year contract with you customer can be mirrored by a two-year contract with PLM.
> The Flexi-Fleet Program
A unique lease program in which you pay for equipment days at term-lease prices with the flexibility to use and exchange any trailer type from any PLM location at any time.
> The School Lunch Program
The 270-day commitment in which you pay for equipment usage at term-lease prices to match the duration of the school year distribution contract.