PLM Trailer Leasing

Cold Link Refrigerated Trailer Tracking

Cold Link® is the industry's only comprehensive refrigerated tracking solution for the Cold Supply Chain. In addition to GPS tracking, Cold Link® provides critical two-way temperature and microprocessor sensor information. Cold Link® is the first tracking solution for refrigerated fleets with the robust ability to monitor loads within trailers.

Web Based Management Tool
All three Cold Link® service packages come with a web based management tool that allows for on demand updates on your entire fleet. The web tool allows remote users to accurately monitor their fleet and also look at historical data and trends for in-depth fleet analysis.

An On-Demand Fleet Management System
Fleet managers now have the ability to gain visibility into their fleet and to improve their fleet operations. Managers can gain the following key benefits from Cold Link®.

Identify Hazards - Managers can identify hazards and potential breakdowns before they happen to minimize product loss and missed deliveries.
Temperature Monitoring - Remote temperature settings and monitoring ensures that product stays at the right temperature from the dock to the customers.
Geofencing - Geofencing allows users the ability to monitor when equipment is out of a determined territory to help determine driver and route productivity and efficiency.

Backed by PLM's Service Program
Cold Link® is backed by PLM's world class service program. Cold Link® is the only refrigerated tracking solution that comes with its dedicated service network specialized in refrigerated equipment. PLM's service network is notified of potential breakdowns when you are for faster response time.