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Step 1. Can your phone system handle Music On Hold playback (if you have music playing, you can do this!

Step 2. Let's write your on hold script. This form will give you some ideas. We will help you write it.

Step 3. Place your order. Here is the contract for on hold message updates 4 times a year. If you need more or less frequent changes, let us know.

Step 4. Once your digital repeater is received, remove it from the box and make sure you have the a/c adapter and cables. If you have a telephone service technician helping you, give him/her this form.

Step 5. Depending on the type of repeater you have (Flash Drive, CD, Chip, Cassette), take your new Telemmercials® on hold production and put it in the repeater. Turn it on, call your office from your cell phone and get placed on hold to adjust the volume.