Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc.

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc.


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As a full-service acrylic provider, RPT will cut and ship internationally all Cut-to-Size orders of R-Cast™ acrylic sheet, rod, and tube

When engraved, R-Cast™ acrylic pulls light into the design, creating dramatic effects well-suited for indoor and outdoor lighting, signage, wayfinders, and memorials

“CNC Routing”
R-Cast™ acrylic can be turned into intricate designs using computer numerical control (CNC) routers, table saws, and other means of fabrication. Our five-axis machine lets us cut your design in every direction physically possible so you can get the unique, 3D design you want.

We are the industry experts in acrylic design. We spent years developing our thermoforming capabilities and expanding the possibilities in design of R-Cast™ acrylic shapes.