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Corporate Training
DMI reports the "average worker spends 10-20 hours per month speaking badly about management or listening to a fellow employee speak negatively about the work environment." Increasing management's Emotional Intelligence is the surest way to turn this statistic to hours employees spend saying, "what a great place this is to work because the owners really care about our well-being." Emotional Intelligence is rapidly becoming more important than an employee's I.Q. John Lee's work increases E.Q. in the office, factory, or construction site. His cutting edge approach to anger, rage and emotional regression impacts everyone's work experience positively. His unique and proven approach to anger management in the workplace and home can reduce and even eliminate much time-consuming, conflicts, confrontations, misunderstandings and miscommunication which can be both financially and emotionally draining and counter productive.
If you are an innovative CEO, manager or owner who knows that the bottom line can be enhanced by creating a more worker-friendly environment and would like to coordinate a personalized event for your company, group, team or family, please call 678.494.1296 for details.
You may attend a Corporate Retreat tailored to your individual needs you may have. The retreats are held in the beautiful resort town of Mentone, AL, which is less than two hours drive from Atlanta and just an hour from Chattanooga. Or if you prefer, John Lee can speak at your workplace on whatever subject you want to tackle.
John Lee is available for private consultations (face-to-face, webcam, phone, intensives), small groups, corporate speaking/training, families and couples.
Anger Management
Expressing Anger Appropriately in the Workplace & Home
Inappropriate anger causes employers to prematurely fire people and good people to quit jobs they really like and do well in. Hard as we may try not to get angry - anger is part of any relationship. Expressing Anger Appropriately will forever change how you feel about anger and you will clearly see how anger held in long enough finally not only hurts business relationships but friends, family, and loved ones as well. Don't let anger sabatoge the workplace or home any longer. John Lee will provide half day (3 hours) or full day(6 hours) that will make your employees feel better about their work environment and make the boss feel better about their employees simply by understanding and dealing with the most misunderstood emotion. The dynamic, fast-paced, full of humor presentation will change all of your relationships for the better and you will learn:

When anger is expressed appropriately, the payoff is Efficiency, Communication and fewer misunderstandings.
Nine things people do or say when they think they are expressing anger but are actually pushing clients, customers, and employees right out the door.
The four unacceptable styles of anger that cost time and money and how to change behaviors that will positively impact the bottom line.
How to manager anger by using the highly effective The Detour Method.

The workshop will be down-to-earth; with a great deal of useful insight, information and experiential work.
Boundary Issues
Drawing The Line: Creating Boundaries and Setting Limits at Work and at Home
Do you have good boundaries? Do you or people you know "cross the line" and then feel angry or resentful?
A BOUNDARY is an invisible but real line that others cannot cross over without consequences. Boundaries are only effective if they are defended. They show how close you can come to me physically, emotionally, etc.
A LIMIT is the awareness and then the follow-through of how far I'll go towards you physically, emotionally, etc.
Knowing how to set and keep good boundaries and limits is good business and is essential for a stress-free and efficient workplace and home life.
This seminar will help you tear down walls and replace them with good boundaries, which increases connection and cooperation between employer and employee, colleagues, and family members.
Participants in this program will:

Experience how boundaries and limits really work;
See clearly how these two tools empower everyone;
Practice setting boundaries and limits in real life situations;
No longer be passive, passive/aggressive or aggressive, but instead become powerful by becoming compassionately assertive;
See clearly how boundaries and limits positively impact such issues as time management, choice-making, and conflict resolution;
Have new tools to reduce unwanted, negative or inappropriate behaviors and comments.

Emotional Regression
Growing Yourself Back Up: Understanding Emotional Regression
In Growing Yourself Back Up, you will explore and expand the term "regression" in a way that most clinicians and lay people have never heard it discussed. You will learn why we regress, what to do when we regress, what not to do, what to say and not say, and how to create a network or people who can provide the five things that will grow you back up every time:


From this simple and easy-to-understand book, you will learn why regression is one of the best-kept secrets of human behavior, what we mistake it for, and how to recognize it sooner rather than later so that we can stay clear-thinking adults more often than not.
You will:

Learn what the red flags of regression are - how we feel, what to say, what not to say, what to do, what not to do
Why we emotionally regress - and what to do about it
How to stop emotionally regressing and the five things that will grow you back up
Emotional regression in the workplace and with authority figures
Regression with friends
The grace in regression

The material and information in this often-humorous book is being well received by thousands of people across the United States and Europe through personal appearances, audio, and videotapes.
For the past 4 years John has worked with Vistage, the world's leading executive organization, as a speaker/presenter and received outstanding evaluations from attendees which include CEOs and executives from the top companies in the United States.
About Vistage (taken from the Vistage website)
Vistage offers a range of programs, each tailored to the specific needs of chief executives, senior managers and professional service providers. These programs enable members to rise above day-to-day operational issues and reap the benefits of other leaders' seasoned experience, insights and knowledge. Vistage members outperform their competition through exposure to a diverse range of outlooks. They give and share advice and expertise, with no vested interest beyond helping each other succeed.

Vistage members are selected through a careful interview process to ensure that each individual is placed in the appropriate program and group for his or her needs. Only the most qualified candidates are selected for membership. If you are interested in applying for membership, contact Vistage today.