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Angel Intuitives Certification Program

Angel IntuitivesTM Certification Intensive

You have asked for it and here it is! Only one this year!

Receive certification and have an opportunity be listed on Dr. Kelli's website under Certified Angel Intuitives Practitioners.

Interested in becoming Certified as an Angel Intuitives Practitioner to do readings, workshops or to incorporate Angel healing into your healing practice? This two-day weekend certification intensive will leave you feeling deeply connected to yourself and to the Universe at large. You will learn to trust yourself and the guidance you receive from the Angelic Realms.

This Angel IntuitivesTM certification training features very small class sizes. Advanced techniques are taught that are designed to aid those students who intend to practice their skills with others. This class examines and discusses the interpersonal skills and operating parameters necessary for conducting angelic sessions.

A Certification Program for earth angels wanting to be of service on the earth plane. Angel Intuitive's are powerful intuitive's who work with the Angelic Realms of Light.

Empower your life now! Please know If you are reading this you are being called to join this group!

Learn to use your intuition to align with your highest path or a desired outcome!

Heals blocks and restrictions from your life! Learn to heal others from mental,
emotional, spiritual, physical, prosperity blocks, etc

Dr. Kelli, The Angel Whisperer®, has been teaching others to connect with their own angels and guides for years. She also teaches others how to heal with their angels, through quantum angel healing. Bring your healing to the angelic level!

Right now, your angels are calling out to you. They want you to fulfill your dreams, exceed your fondest wishes, and live the life you have always dreamed about.

"Throughout my life's challenge the Angels have always been there guiding me and telling me everything would be ok. Learn to experience your own Angels in a loving environment. They are loving beings of pure light sent as guardians from our Great Creator." Dr. Kelli

**Please note working in a group setting like this brings in collective energies, which makes it easier for you to access the energies.

Learn how to connect, work & heal with the Angels.

Are you being called to work as a beacon of light and truth to the world? Use your light as a bridge to heaven, to Source, to our Highest Creator! Let your light shine and bring all into the angelic vibration where healing and miracles occur.

**This environment is ripe for healing!

Experience Dr. Kelli's Angels & guides and your own in a loving environment, as well as the ArchAngels, Masters and Holy Ones.

Get in touch with and understand your intuition, read energy and more!

What you will learn:

Learn what Angels & Archangels are and how they can assist you
Learn to connect with your intuition
Learn how Angels can assist you in everyday life
Releasing limitations & blocks
Connect with your Guardian Angel & Archangels
Create a loving deep connection to stabilize core
spiritual energy within your energy body system
Receive healing in the Angelic Temple
Learn to heal others with the Angels
Learn how to give accurate Angel readings & healings
Raise your own vibration
Your Charka system and how the Angels work to heal through you.
Protection, shielding and cutting etheric cords.
Opening the heart & third eye
Guided meditations
Discovering & working with your own spiritual gifts/talents

Receive an attunement from the Angelic Realms of light and much more.

Dr. Kelli will show you the use of healing methods such as - tuning fork therapy, etc. and how she integrates these methods of healing using the Angelic Realm. Learn to create a life that allows more light and love in! You deserve it!

September 19th & 20th 2009

Located at:
Hilton Garden Inn
4070 East Main Street, Saint Charles, Illinois, USA 60174
In the certified conference center