eLearning Design & Development

Four Levels of Custom Courseware Development

At CommLab, our courses fall under one of these four categories.

Level I: Usually, for level 1 courses the content needs to be segregated into "need-to-know" onscreen content and "nice-to-know" supplementary content which will be under links, pop-ups and hot-spots.

Level II: The courses essentially address simple skill development, which requires animations and simulations of limited complexity. Thus, appropriate content is converted into an animation or simulation to allow the learner to understand how a particular concept or principle is applied.

Level III: Courses with highly interactive practice exercises, complex interactive self-checks (20 steps or more). Case studies with Branching Logic. Complex animations with illustrations. Audio for entire course.

Level IV: Developing level 4 courses would be to use visual / graphic environment with complete audio / video. The real life situations that need to be recreated for the learner to apply his learning, requires the highest level of graphic and programming capability in addition to complete understanding of the subject and continual collaboration with the SMEs.